Our BackDrops are printed at 600 dots per inch as opposed to 300 for our BackGrounds. BackDrops are printed with 6 ink colors where BackGrounds are 4 ink colors.  The digital file size is about 4 times larger for a BackDrop which means that the print will have more detail.  An individual leaf on a BackDrop may look like a leaf while on a BackGround you see the branch . On some scenes this may make a noticeable difference especially for smaller scales N and Z, but if it is a hazy eastern scene or a distant mountain there may not be any leaves or other detail and if you are 3-4 ft away you wouldn't see it anyway. You will see dots or grain on BackGrounds close-up (1-30 inch), on BackDrops there will be no dots even at a few inches.  Scenes that have sharp detail, generally noticeable on the web, may look sharper as a BackDrop even if you are a few inches away. In some cases BackDrops have as much as 10 times more detail compared to a BackGround viewed from 3 inches. BackDrop 6 ink  vs. 4 ink and new technology will give better color tone,  more color density, more contrast. BackDrops may be super sharp, postcard quality over 100 ft length with detail at 3 inch viewing distance with A+ sharpness code. If you want a detailed backdrop to blend with your layout, use a BackDrop. If you want a softer look, less detail, less contrast, less color, more subdued, viewed from at least 3-4+ feet, use a BackGround. Customers that want the "not noticed" look prefer BackGrounds. We sell mostly BackDrops. BackDrops are impressive!  Some people buy the BackDrop just to be sure they have the highest resolution, best most stable and even color and most contrast.  The women prefer the BackDrop.  Discounts 15, 20, 30% for quantity apply to the BackDrop $50 charge. As low as $38 (with 25% discount) for the most vibrant BackDrops.  All 42 inch high BackGrounds (300 dpi) or BackDrops (600 dpi) are 6 ink colors.  On color variation between prints, both backgrounds and backdrops have little to no noticeable drift when printed at the same time however due to many causes there can be some drift. BackDrops have less drift than BackGrounds (clouds&sky are BackgGounds)and BackGrounds will have color shifts when printed on different orders. BackDrops have better color stability and even color than Backgrounds. BackDrops are generally much more colorful and detail than BackGrounds. Most people buy BackDrops for the higher resolution and color. Limited returns if you wished you purchased a BackDrop.

Relative difference

All 42 inch BG and BD are printed on BD 42 inch printers although resolution is less for BG

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