Small and cutout photos
Whichever is the greater
1) Printing $10 / sq. ft. rounded up to nearest sq. ft.
     Example: scan and print 2 images each 34 in. x 36 in.  = $170 total + s&h


2) per image $40 if scanned from 35mm or photo
         Example: scan and print 4 images each 12 in. x 12 in.  = $160 total  + s&h
2) per image $30 if already digital and sent by CD, ZIP, FTP, 3.5 floppy
          Example: process and print 4 images each 12 in. x 12 in.  = $120 total + s&h


3) Minimum charge is $100 per order plus s&h   Shipping & handling $10 / order

Price includes:

1) Scanning 35mm slides or photographs up to 8 x 10 in.   35mm slides will produce the best images.  We accept digital images on CD, zip disk, 3.5 floppy or by FTP.

2) Enhancing image with our proprietary software as best we can. Please send well lighted images with good contrast and good color.  Poor quality images will not be processed and will cost $50 / order to be checked and rejected plus $10 to ship them back. Maximum suggested print size for a 35mm slide is 34 in. x 36 in. Scans from prints will be lower quality.  We will print to any size but will become blurry at larger sizes.  Our BackDrops/BackGrounds are not made from conventional photography and will be many times sharper than slides or prints.  click here for more info 

3) Printing on our super media.  12 mil paper, latex coated, nylon mesh, water resistant, UV inks. more info click here   Maximum size one direction is 34.75 inches (width of printer, limit for shipping), other dimension is unlimited.

 4) Print resolution 600 dots/inch for longest dimension 4 ft. or less / order, over 4 ft. 300 dots/inch, add $4/linear ft. for 600 dpi.

Industry standard prices

Scan image $15 / image
Preparation $30+
Printing on thin paper $12+ / sq. ft.


Send slides, photos, CDs, Zip etc. to BackDrop Warehouse, PO. Box 27877, SLC, Ut. 84127-0877.

Include detailed instructions and phone number.  We will call for payment by CC (MC, Visa, Discover) or send payment with order.

Do not send instructions, questions, photos unless you are placing an order. Photos, CDs, etc. may not be returned without $100 minimum.

Digital images

Mail to BackDrop Warehouse, PO. Box 27877, SLC, Ut. 84127-0877 or

You can send to our FTP site through most browsers. Contact us for URL and password.

Do not compress image. Do not use ZIP, SIT or other compression.  Tif files are the best.  Jpeg files will be lower grade.

Do not send by email.

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